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"Dogs are my favorite People"

"Dogs ask for little but deserve so Much"

"A Dog's heart is huge no matter the size"

"Dogs never lie about Love"

Where we got our name

Happy Dance Supply was a name created by owner Austynn Harbison. She loves seeing pets get really excited and do their own personal dances of excitement. Whether this dance was them jumping around, wiggling their nubbins, or wagging their whole bodies. These dances always brought joy to her heart. So Happy Dance Supply was created to give every pet parent a delicious treat sure to make their fur babies do their happy dances. Happy Dance Supply is here to supply healthy, delicious treats for fur babies of all sizes and needs.

Potato Chicken Twists

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Full details

We offer local delivery to the Sulphur and Lake Charles area. When you enter your address in the system will automatically allow for local delivery. At which point I will reach out to you about setting a time and location.



We now offer wholesale orders! These orders will require a minimum of 50 bags of treats but cannot exceed 200 bags of treats. If you have interest in having a wholesale of treats please email us at happydancesupply@gmail.com

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